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Re: 2.6 DI

Fortunately and unfortunately, Linux 2.6.0 was just released.

IMHO boot kernel of d-i don't need to use 2.6, but it is good that
kernel-installer and second stage support 2.6.

At 13 Dec 03 00:34:19 GMT,
Dan Weber wrote:
> Ok from my many tests on seeing if di will work with 2.6, it seems to show
> negative without some major changes.  First discover1 will NOT work with 2.6
> Devfs support in 2.6 has been obsoleted and is often broken.  Module-init-tools
> will need to be merged with busybox.  Renaming scheme would be required.. You
> would need to change the standard commands modprobe and etc to suffix their
> suite.  For example modprobe to modprobe.modutils.  2.6 yet more featureful can
> not support the many things 2.4 is currently doing.  Besides devfs, it will need
> a complete fix for the modules packaging.  Starting by fixing all module names
> to their newly renamed ones with the new suffix .ko.  Not too much rootskel work
> would be required.  But devfs and discover must be changed to make it work.  The
> only way at this moment in time you could make a 2.6 kernel disc is by making a
> seperate cvs tree and removing devfs and put in udev, then replace discover1
> with discover2 or kudzu.  2.6 would generally work well with Progeny's anaconda
> installer due to they are using kudzu, and aren't on space constraints.  Also
> there is no in gods way you could fit a 2.6 kernel on a floppy with all the
> features you need. Same goes for the initrd, which would be humongous.

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