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Re: Booting netinst from SCSI CDROM fails

Martin Michlmayr wrote:

I think if you configure a static IP address, the DHCP menu will stop
complaining.  At least that's what I did when pump failed and then I
could continue.  Alternatively, remove /sbin/pump before DHCP is
called, and it will use the other DHCP client and just work.

I haven't tried setting a static address (I forgot to write
down the DNServer address of my provider), but removing pump
did the trick.

Here is my list of problems by now:

- after booting the CD in my SCSI drive I have to reinsert it
  in an USB drive, cause the aic7xxx driver has been dropped
  from initrd due to size constraints. Joey told me that this
  is work in progress.

- while the aic7xxx driver is performing a reset I have to
  switch to console 2 to remove /sbin/pump to make dhcp work.

- I get a list of distros to select from, (stable, testing,
  unstable), but selecting unstable I get an error message
  about some missing package files.

When there is a new netinst image I will give it a try.



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