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Re: AXP (alpha) install cd iso, which cd is bf2.4?

"Flatt, David" <David.Flatt@above.net> writes:

> Hello All,
> 	What CD iso disk image do I use to install:  Debian 3.0r1 ,bf2.4 for
> my Alpha Multia? 
> 	The i386 distro is labeled. Is the alpha cd's the same? I am still
> playing with my DEC Multia and would like some of the 2.4 features on this
> little server. WiFi to name one of them. 
> Thanks in advance ,
> David Flatt

You should try the new debian-installer images. With all the Debian
servers still in lockdown I can't point you to an image at the moment
but if you can wait a bit one can be aranged.


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