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Bug#222517: installation-reports: Almost perfectly sucessful install

retitle 222517 some ide-* modules fail, no USB kdb loaded after boot (known, see #219290)

* David Chester <sonic@sucs.org> [2003-11-30 13:14]:
> Since I was doing a net install it complained that there was no
> debian CD in the drive, it also seemed to fail on ide-* where * is a
> few modules, but the install still worked. One problem, and I'm not

Do you know which modules failed?

> sure if this is the correct place to mention it is that the install
> used a USB Keyboard with no problems, but after completing the
> install it failed to work because the correct module was not loaded

This is a known problem, see: #219290 - [d-i] No USB keyboard after reboot

Martin Michlmayr

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