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Re: architectures status

On Thu, Dec 11, 2003 at 07:33:33AM +0100, Thorsten Sauter wrote:
> Hi Sven,
> thanks for correcting my comments.
> * Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> [2003-12-10 21:37]:
> | > - NewWorld PowerPC's are well supported (Apple)
> | > - OldWorld PowerPC's are _not_ supported (because we need a floppy boot
> | >   method here)
> | 
> | There is already a oldworld kernel in the NEW queue. It is called
> | powerpc-small, and should fit with miboot on a floppy. 
> a cool. this means 2.4 kernels are now working on OldWorld machines? Why
> we have then this stuipid "d-i doesn't support oldworld" discussion?

Because, if i am not wrong, the kernel with it is in the NEW queue, and
we only support the cdrom and net targets, not the floppy one.

> | > - Pegasos is supported, if the new kernels escape from NEW (Sven?)
> | 
> | Yep, altough i will have to redo a build because of some RTC stuff i
> | have doubts about.
> cool.

BTW, can you tell me if something breaks if i enable the CONFIG_RTC in
addition to the CONFIG_GENERIC_RTC ? The CONFIG_GENERIC_RTC is in the
general section, while the CONFIG_RTC is in the char device section.

Also, i have some doubts about the devfs stuff, since despite setting
the devfs=nomount option (should be the default anyway) i get devfs kind
of device path somewhere, would need to test again.

> | > - IBM RS/6000 machines (Chrep): should be supported, I'm working on a
> | >   special kernel build here at the moment. (direkt cdrom is maybe also
> | >   possible)
> | 
> | Huh ? The normal kernel build should work, you just need the
> | powerpc-chrp-rs6k flavor of the kernel. There is also a non-rs6k chrp
> | flavor (used by the Pegasos, but also other chrps out there, i think).
> well, I have tested the kernels, which are currently in the archive
> (normal or d-i) and both of those doesn't work. The machine will *not*

Not the one in the NEW queue, right ? This is normal then, since they
are pmac kernels, and don't contain the chrp-rs6k boot loader stuff.

> boot at all. (I have used the chrp-rs6k kernels). Have you tested those
> kernels on such machines?

No, but some time back someone tested them for me.

> | > - PReP machines are completly unsupported
> | 
> | There is the powerpc-prep kernel, which should work.
> that's why I have written unsupported. Noone here has really tested the
> images on PReP machines. The d-i cdrom's are *not* bootable on those
> machines. I guess we should say here _unsupported.

I think joey has a prep, and we have a prep debian machine.

> | For chrp, chrp-rs6k and prep, i don't really know what support is needed
> | apart from the kernel. The kernel with the same powerpc config should
> | work, but you need to adjust the boot-loader wrapper.
> I'm playing here with the chrp-rs6k part.

Ok, nice. chrp and chrp-rs6k are different kernels.

> | Ah, i forgot, you need to embedd the initrd for some of those, but i
> | have code and a package (also sitting in the NEW queue) for taking an
> | initrd and embedding it in the kernel.
> | 
> | I am not sure of the interest of embeded initrds for pmac, but they can
> | be used on prep, chrp and chrp-rs6k, when not doing netboots (which can
> | load the initrd from the net, if i am not wrong).
> could you please create such a kernel, which an embedded d-i initrd for
> rs6-chrp machines? I would like to test it, because the only way to load

Yeah sure, as soon as the kernels escape the NEW queue, i will fix
linux-kernel-di so that those get auto-generated. I already have a
script for doing it manually, but it needs a initrd with the right
modules in it.

> the ramdisk on those machines is currently by using a second floppy
> disk. But this can maybe replaced by such a embedded initrd file.

Yes, would be best.

> | > (unsupported means here, you can simply download one of the d-i images
> | > and install a system)
> | 
> | Nope, this does not work, you need the kernel sitting in the NEW queue
> | since over a month for that to happen.
> Can you put theses deb's online somewhere other, so I can download it
> and testing the kernels on the rs6k?

Sure, they were on gluck. I am not sure if i should re-upload them or
something (takes ages though), but maybe i can just compare the md5sum
to the one on my disk. I just hope i have the original still.

Would be easier if some action would take place about the NEW upload
though, now over a month old.


Sven Luther

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