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Bug#224065: Package: installation-reports

Am Mon, den 15.12.2003 schrieb jsiegle@psu.edu um 18:28:
> When I run lilo I get this message and am unsure of what I should do to solve this:
> siegle:~# lilo
> Warning: '/proc/partitions' does not match '/dev' directory structure.
>     Name change: '/dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc' -> '/dev/hda'
>     The kernel was compiled with DEVFS_FS, but 'devfs=mount' was omitted
>         as a kernel command-line boot parameter; hence, the '/dev' directory
>         structure does not reflect DEVFS_FS device names.
> Added Linux *
AFAIK you can just ignore this. It's because the standard debian kernel
has devfs compiled in, but it is not used by default on the installed
system. LILO does the Right Thing(tm) in this situation.


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