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base-config aptitude dependency problem

I built floppy install disks using CVS as of today, and everything
works find until the point where you "Install the base system".
You'll get a box saying that debootstrap exited with an error,
then the following is found in /target/var/log/deboostrap.log:


  dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of base-config:
   base-config depends on aptitude; however:
    Package aptitude is not installed.
  dpkg: error processing base-config (--configure):
   dependency problems - leaving unconfigured


  Errors were encountered while processing:
  /usr/sbin/debootstrap: 1: sleep: not found

I'm installing testing/sarge. Where's the bug here? In base-config
for depending on aptitude? In debootstrap for not ignoring the
dependency on aptitude? In base-installer or some other package
for not selecting aptitude for inclusion?


Oskar Liljeblad (oskar@osk.mine.nu)

PS. I'm not subscribed to the list, so please CC me in replies. Thanks. DS.

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