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Re: 2.1r4 package list errata. 3c595 and eepro on Slink on PC164 A-HA! Mico problem solved... Alpha and MatroxFB alpha boot-floppies alpha + debian 2.1 ALPHA *is* gonna hold us up (Re: FREEZE RESCHEDULED) antivirus Re: apt-get upgrade dies badly ... Axe that solutions email broken kernel FP completion, -mieee building potato installation Can I excute True64 binary on my AlphaLinux ? cdrecord / xcdroast on Alpha Clock problem fixed (was Re: Strange problems with clock) compaq c Compiling packages for slink conflict btw tetex-bin and debianutils data corruption with Tekram controller date command ....... Re: Debian error: INIT: respawning too fast dpkg segfault Framebuffer and fbset [Was: Re: Alpha and MatroxFB] gdb and potato Headless install on LX164 Hola.. I compiled XEmacs with ccc Jensen DECPC150 install! licq? Linux 2.2.14pre9 (fwd) milo and multiheading milo.conf My alpha died :-( Need feedback for console-data debconf stuff new version of powstatd has unaligned traps [non-i386 people needed] Proposed packages for 2.1r4 NS/potato PC164 and Matrox G200? PC164-SRM/ARC SCSI Support? Please submit complete reports when submitting/reassigning bugs to gcc PostgreSQL 6.5.3 for Linux/Alpha Update [potato] blank windows [potato] broke ps printing (still) potato CD? potato cdrom..... [potato] Floating point exception Potato Freeze Strategy potato + Netscape (Tru64)? [potato] rdate, elm, php3 Problems on LX164 on slink problem with slink --> potato PYXIS machine check not expected ?! reading D-Unix filesystems in Linux scsi bus reset during fixating with cdrecord [SECURITY] Recompile for nfs-server_2.2beta37-1slink.1 needed a slight departure from the scene [slightly OT] PC164 I/O shield someone want to fix this? SRM-MILO problem on PWS500a Re: SRM-MILO problem on PWS500a (THANKS!) [Stefan Reinauer <>] Milo-2.2-12 ready. Strange problems with clock Success with mico!!! TGA card and X woes Think I'm on the right track this time... unaligned traps Unidentified subject! Unknown PYXIS Machine Checks and icewm Unstable Debian errors Updated 2.1r4 package list errata. [Updated GNOME for slink] Re: update nis_3.5-2_alpha.deb on debian 2.1 updating the hwclock and kernel clock? Which nic module for Dec AlphaServer 1000 nic? The last update was on 14:28 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 247 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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