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Please submit complete reports when submitting/reassigning bugs to gcc

Debian Bug Tracking System writes:
 > Processing commands for control@bugs.debian.org:
 > > reassign 47981 egcs
 > Bug#47981: Mutt segv on viewing list of attachments
 > Bug reassigned from package `mutt' to `egcs'.

Nice. There are now several alpha related bugs for gcc related
packages. Most of them are not complete and not to reproduce for someone
without an alpha machine.

- It's not sufficient to submit bug reports and point to a location,
  where build reports can be found. The preprocessed output of the
  files is missing (bugs 48527, 48530). It seems that these reports
  come from a build daemon, so an extra amount of work is needed.
  Not sure if the m68k-build crew uses another build daemon, but m68k
  bug reports seem to be more complete ...

- It's not sufficient to reassign bugs to gcc without providing any
  more information. A bug report without a gcc version number and the
  preprocessed output doesn't help either (bug 47981).

- Bug info, which needs to be updated for gcc-2.95.2 (37358,46963)

I will not forward bug reports to gcc-bugs@gcc.gnu.org without more
specific information. I would appreciate if some alpha developer could
forward the completed information and cc gcc@packages.debian.org.

Thanks, Matthias

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