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Re: licq?

On Thu, Nov 04, 1999 at 01:43:18PM -0500, Christopher C Chimelis wrote:
> On 4 Nov 1999, Ron Farrer wrote:
> > I've been trying to get the version of licq that comes with slink to
> > work. Before I pour out all my problems here, does anyone have it
> > working? If not I'll crawl over to one of the other lists...
> I can't get it to work on potato yet.  Perhaps when I find a solution for
> that, I can have you test it on slink as well...
> Sorry I couldn't offer more help...

I've managed to get a version working once. But the newly uploaded version was
that much different that my patch was useless. There was a reference on the
axp list some time ago (months) someone made it work on Alpha. So search the
archives for more info...


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