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Re: reading D-Unix filesystems in Linux

On Mon, 22 Nov 1999 14:54:29 GMT, the world broke into rejoicing as
Alfredo Palace Carvalho <ajpalace@fc.up.pt>  said:
> Hi all,
> I have an alpha with digital unix which is currently down in order to
> replace a broken graphics board. I need some files which are on the disk
> but not on the most recent backup, so I thought of putting the disk
> on another alpha which has linux.
> can I mount a digital unix filesystem on linux? I think I will need
> a kernel with support for BSD disklabel and support for UFS filesystem.
> Is that correct? Is there anything else I should know in order to do this?

It is reasonably likely that the filesystem is completely inaccessible.

Digital UNIX supports a UFS-based filesystem that one might hope could
be read; it is somewhat more likely that the filesystems use the 
more advanced "AdvFS," which is *not* going to be accessible.
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