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Re: Compiling packages for slink

On Wed 24 Nov 1999, Martin Lucina wrote:
> I am using a whole heap of potato packages that I compile from source on my
> Alpha.
> What version number convention should I use when compiling potato packages
> on slink to ensure that 
>   a) these packages wqill get upgraded by apt when the "real" potato
>   version is released

Make sure that "your" package version number sorts lower than the potato

>   b) the package version number reflects the installed version number in
>   some way, ie. if debhelper 2.0.71 is installed, then the version should
>   be something like debhelper-2.0.71<something>.

Taking (a) into account, change 2.0.71 to 2.0.70.slink71 for example.
This will happily replace a 2.0.70 as it's higher, but 2.0.71 will
replace 2.0.70.slink71 when you finally upgrade to potato, as 2.0.71
sorts higher than 2.0.70.slink71.  You can then also see that it's
really .71.

Paul Slootman
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