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Re: SRM-MILO problem on PWS500a

On Wed 03 Nov 1999, bob jones wrote:
> I've got a Digital Personal Workstation 500a (NOT au)
> originally outfitted with Windows NT and have recently
> installed Debian 2.1r0 on it.  It is equipped with the
> following stock hardware (relevence noted later):
> -Q-Logic ISP1040 SCSI controller
> -4.3GB SCSI HD (DEC RZ??)
> -Sony 12x SCSI CD-ROM

I once had my hands on an Alphastation 500a or such, with the same
controller (and also an Adaptec). ....
> In fact, the SCSI HD LED remains lit and the message
> 'setting up devices....' (with many lines of periods);
> MILO never boots the Linux kernel.

... On the system above the QLogic hung when more than just the cdrom
driver was connected (at least in srm). Sounds remarkably similar.

> Is it even possible to use the SRM console from a
> PWS500a (not au)?  The Miata docs mention that this
> isn't possible, but why is the SRM console included? 

I think the combination SRM and MILO isn't supported; you may need to
use aboot. In my situation, as the disks had to be on the adaptec, which
wasn't recognized by SRM, I could only boot from the cdrom...

That's all I can tell on this topic :-(

Paul Slootman
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