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[potato] rdate, elm, php3


may small noname Alpha is running stable with Debian but I've three small 

rdate seems not to work with other than alpha linux systems:
> rdate alpha
Wed Nov 24 19:37:38 1999
> rdate intel
rdate: Could not read data: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden

On intel linux:
> rdate intel
Wed Nov 24 19:42:46 1999
> rdate alpha
Wed Nov 24 19:41:53 1999

elm-me+.postinst did a suidregister or chown on a user I don't know :)

Is somebody using php3 on his alpha as module for the apache? If I use fopen or 
readfile with an url (not a local file) the apache crashes. Same php-file on 
an intel runs :(.

Maybe somebody has any inforamtion on this?

Bye, Michael

Michael Schlueter,Zimmer 422,Meitnerweg 4,44227 Dortmund,0231-7275286
Mails: michael@duck.prima.de/schlue@debian.org

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