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Re: data corruption with Tekram controller

On Tue, Nov 09, 1999 at 09:49:18PM +0800, Jean-Paul Blaquiere wrote:

> > - Alphastation 255/300 (avanti), with on-board Symbios 810a.
> >
> good to see another one of these around.  I have an AS255/233 ;)
> I have snipped out most of your email and replied to all of it here:.
> I am only using the built in ncr-810a on the mobo.  I can't comment on the
> Tekram..... Theyre may be a bug in the kernel driver>  Can anyone else comment
> on this??

It is possible but not quite probable: it works very well with the onboard
810 chip, and it works (same kernel version) on Intel.

> SRM-6.xxxx  update it!  There are a couple of bugs with the older versions.  I
> can't remember what they were, but they did have PCI stuff in them, so that
> *may* be what's affecting you.  This may also be what's giving you those nice
> messages with the pci_parity option.

I'm in the process of upgrading it; I've just stopped burning a defective
floppy :(
I'll try AlphaBIOS too.
(not a great idea upgrading my firmware at 1 am, is it? :)

> ALso note, that the BIOS on the Tekram card will *never* ever be run by the
> SRM console.  AFAIK, this is only a requirement for PooE-Cee motherboards
> which have dumb BIOSes as opposed to the nice interactive features of SRM,
> Alphabios and the SPARC OpenPROM.

Uhm. Of course we don't need no INT 13 emulation or the like, but... some
init to the hardware by the manufacturer wouldn't hurt.
And, AlphaBIOS has an option about SCSI BIOS emulation (none/some/all);
didn't test it yet.

> > Substantial differences are: the on-board BIOS is NOT run on the Alpha
> > machine; the PCI parity setting is not available for configuration (and,
> > in fact, I don't know it).
> > 
> which PCI parity option are you talking about here?  In the kernel source?

In the motherboard BIOS setup (equivalent to the one in SRM or AlphaBIOS).
Currently I don't really know wether the PC mb implements PCI parity or not
(but this isn't the problem, I suppose).

> Just out of interest, how far through the boot/install process are you?
> Just checking for any possible problems with you config/system.

I had a working potato installation on a small disk connected to the 810;
then I bought the new controller and disk and added them (still booting
from the 810); currently I moved the new ctrl/disk to the PC and use them
via NFS, having boot and root on the small disk.

I'll post a report after upgrading the firmware.

Ciao, William

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