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SRM-MILO problem on PWS500a

Hi Bob,

> I've got a Digital Personal Workstation 500a (NOT au)
> originally outfitted with Windows NT and have recently
> installed Debian 2.1r0 on it.  It is equipped with the
> following stock hardware (relevence noted later):
> -Q-Logic ISP1040 SCSI controller
> -4.3GB SCSI HD (DEC RZ??)
> -Sony 12x SCSI CD-ROM
> I'm currently using the AlphaBIOS console (v5.67) to
> bootstrap MILO (the genie.ucd.ie version, 4-27-99)and
> subsequently boot Linux.

I use the same on the same computer and setup.  If it ain't broke ... MILO
booting is a fragile affair.

> However, I'd like to switch to the SRM console (6.9-7)
> to boot MILO...

The SRM delivered with the 500a is severely crippled to prevent you from
booting an illegally copied version of digital unix (or whatever it is
called these days) on it.  To illustrate: when I had a hardware problem
just after delivery a digital technician passed by to have a look.  He
consistently referred to SRM as `unix' (in contrast to `nt') and could not
even diagnose the beast until he had "reinstalled" SRM from some disks he
had with him ...*then* he could diagnose the system from SRM.  I suspect
this essentially upgraded the `a' with `au' on my machine.

Kristoffer Høgsbro Rose, phd, prof.associé  <http://www.ens-lyon.fr/~krisrose>
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