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Re: Jensen DECPC150 install!

Hi Patrick!
I am not running debian on my jensen (yet). But some things apply to all
> aboot>>  /boot/jensen/linux root=/dev/fd0 load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ram
Why don't you put the kernel on a floppy disk and use copyboot to put it
on your hd. Yes, that is quite painful, but that's the way of the
jensen... (ftp.lur.rwth-aachen.de/pub/jensen/jensen3.img contains an
unpatched 2.2.12 kernel for jensens and the required aboot, it's ready
to be 'copybooted'). I do not know whether slink does work with the 2.2
series of kernels though (could someone who knows confirm that).
> aboot: booted_dev='scsi 1 6 0 0 400 0 jens-io', guessing boot_device
> = 'scd0'           <-- I guess this means it is booting from the scsi cd
> which is fine
> aboot: loading plain /boot/jensen/linux ...
> aboot: unexpected object file format 137631
> aboot: loading compressed /boot/jensen/linux ...
> unzip : unknown compression method
> <-- And here it has issues with the way the kernel is compressed.
Well so it seems. Aboot, while being an useful and able program, is not
precise in regard to it's error messages (read: this error condition
could be caused by an unknown compression method OR by something else)

Good luck
	Sebastian Möller

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