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Re: Problems on LX164 on slink

On Fri 05 Nov 1999, Jose Rodriguez wrote:

> I installed slink on an Alpha machine (LX164), and have notice some
> problems on it.
> It seems many "unaligned traps" (eg. in xloadimage) and many other

Unaligned traps when displaying images in X were mostly happening in the
X server, not the application. However, for me this is history since I
upgraded to the (unstable) potato.

> places. Many programs (Ansi C, Perl, Fortran) I use on PC does compile
> ok in Debian-Alpha, but when run, the program does not behave as
> expected or even crash with "unaligned trap"'s.

It should never crash with an unaligned trap. Perhaps there was first an
unaligned trap and then another problem that caused the crash. However,
without specific examples we can't help you. I don't have any problems
with my (C) stuff, however.

> (some of these program even compile on solaris (Ultra), free-BSD,
> etc..., so I think it's not a problem of the software.

Are you sure that the solaris is using 64-bit pointers? Besides,
variations in the libc can cause buggy programs to work on one platform
and not on another.

> (Heard about a buggy g77 version. Is that true? May be this one?)

I have no idea, I only use C.

You might try upgrading to potato, the gcc there seems much better.

> On the other hand, kernel 2.2.x hangs the machine on reboot, 2.0.x does
> not.

You must have a 2.2.x kernel for potato running BEFORE upgrading!
Else you will have much trouble with your apparent system time.
I have no idea why your 2.2.x kernel doesn't work, however; try
without framebuffer stuff, as that seems to be giving grief.

Paul Slootman
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