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Re: alpha boot-floppies


I wrote:
>> We have this but I think it only works on i386.  See
>> scripts/rootdisk/mklibs.sh.  Perhaps someone could get it working for
>> the other architectures?
>I am looking into that.

I have modified mklibs.sh so that it works with alpha.
(exactly saying, to fit with elf64-alpha format)
Modified mklibs.sh seems to work well in my alpha box.
I appended patch.

All what my patch does are (1) to change the pattern string which
matches address string, and (2) to elminate extra field of elf64-alpha.
("0x88" before symbol name)

I am happy if patch is acceptable.
I wish that root.bin will come under 1.44mb.


Tadayoshi Ohkuma / tad@omoikane.co.jp
Omoikane Inc. / http://www.omoikane.co.jp

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