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Re: alpha + debian 2.1

Frederic Ferrere (Frederic.Ferrere@emi.u-bordeaux.fr) wrote:

> Hi,
> (I apologize aboot my english)
> Is netscape available for alpha debian 2.1 ?
> if not, what browser ?

Netscape/AOL only makes a browser for x86 and PowerPC (correct me on
this one). If you own a copy of Tru64 UNIX (formerly Digital UNIX
(formerly OSF/1)) you can run the Tru64 version of Netscape.

If you don't own a copy of Tru64 you can use one of the following:
armadillo (formerly gzilla)
kde browser
gnome help browser

and then there's mozilla.

I think armadillo is gonna kick the other browsers butts pretty soon. It
looks like a very interesting project and I like their project modle,
plus its written in C and not one of the many scripting languages I would 
not personally call a language...


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