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Re: My alpha died :-(

Paul Slootman (paul@wau.mis.ah.nl) wrote:

> Does anyone know whether there's hope of having it fixed, or should I
> just write it off? :-(   What's best-bang-for-your-buck alpha system to
> get nowadays? There's quite a lot of different motherboards out there...
> I need scsi (pref. UW), network, and a couple of free slots for my ISDN
> and sound card (and room for maybe a second scsi card), Being able to
> recycle the Matrox PCI I had would be great as well. Oh yeah, it's got
> to be available in Europe, and of course cheap :-)

I don't know about having it fixed, but I believe the 164UX is the only
board with UW scsi and networking onboard. I like this board but it
doesn't have SRM, ARC, or AlphaBIOS. Only ARCSBIOS. If you need SRM or
AlphaBIOS, then the LX is probably the next best. I don't think the LX
has onboard scsi and networking though.


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