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Re: Please submit complete reports when submitting/reassigning bugs to gcc

On Nov 01, Matthias Klose <doko@cs.tu-berlin.de> wrote:

 >Nice. There are now several alpha related bugs for gcc related
 >packages. Most of them are not complete and not to reproduce for someone
 >without an alpha machine.
I don't have an alpha machine, nor I fully understand this bug so I
can't provide more details myself.
But when compiling with -O instad of -O2 fixes a segfault in a program I
assume it's compiler bug unless proved wrong.

 >- It's not sufficient to reassign bugs to gcc without providing any
 >  more information. A bug report without a gcc version number and the
 >  preprocessed output doesn't help either (bug 47981).
I don't know the version. It's the gcc used by the alpha build daemon.
Please read again the full thread, I did Cc everything to the bug address.
It contains gdb logs and the involved code disassembled.


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