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Hello Vincent

On 09-Nov-99, you wrote:

> Hello,
> as you may probably know already, I've made an update of slink for Debian
> 2.1 (i386 only for now), and now I'd like to have non-i386 versions of
> it too.
> I was about to begin the alpha version on faure.d.o, but realised soon I
> need to be root because many newly compiled packages must be installed
> before to compile the rest.
> Anyway, if you're interested into recompiling the GNOME update for your
> plateform, then please contact me.
>     Cordialement,

It is possible for me to recompile the GNOME STUFF for m68k, if I get the
source trees and enough instructions. The only limit is my modem connection
and the time to download it.
System :
Amiga 68040/40  64M
1,2Go for my Linux partition 20% free
Slink Debian
Kernel 2.0.36 + trying to use a 2.2.10

Another Amiga 68040/40 64M
Redhat 5.1 (will be turned to Debian for the next release)
Kernel 2.0.36


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