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Re: Strange problems with clock

On Tue 02 Nov 1999, Danish wrote:
> Yesterday I started having strange problems with the Linux system clock (i.e.
> the one the date command returns) on my Multia. It returns totally random
> values, always in the range of January 1970, but all other values random.

I had this too, after upgrading to potato while running a 2.0 kernel.
For some reason the libc (I guess) in potato won't interact with 2.0

> The system is a Multia (aka UDB) 166mhz with 64mb RAM. This problem has only
> occured in the past day and a half. I cannot really think of anything that
> would cause this to happen. The current kernel is the one included on the Debian

You don't mention having upgraded anything; did you?

> resc1440.bin for the noname alpha architecture (2.0.36, and the one on the
> harddrive matches the one on the bootdisk, byte-for-byte, and this problem did
> not occur before on the same kernel). However, I still am going to try
> compiling a new kernel, just to see if it will work.

Somehow I think you won't be able to compile a new kernel, as make
depends quite heavily on the time growing steadily, instead of jumping
around :-(  I was lucky then, as I still had an old backup root
partition which I could boot to build a 2.2 kernel on.

Paul Slootman
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