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Re: TGA card and X woes

>>> Martin Lucina said:
> e.denny@ic.ac.uk said:
> > Here's the output:
> > 00:0d.0 VGA compatible controller: Digital Equipment Corporation PBXGB [T
> GA2] (rev 22)
> You can see from this that your card is a TGA2, not a ZLXp-E3, which would
> show up as TGA. Contrary to popular opinion, TGA2 cards are not compatible
> with TGA cards and are not supported by Linux (or *BSD).

Correct, unfortunately.

> If enough demand develops I may look into writing drivers for these cards
> but they are apparently very Evil, using a Cirrus Logic chip to implement
> VGA text mode and a gate array to implement TGA-ish 2D.

Code has been given to XFree86 that supports TGA and TGA2, which came from
(reasonably close to) the production Tru64 servers for those cards. If you
(or anyone else) are serious about this, please contact them.

And what makes these cards more "Evil" than most of the recent PCI VGAs?
In my experience, these typically have separate VGA core from the accelerator
core, unlike older ones which attempted to extend VGA in every conceivable
non-standard way... ;-}


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