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Problems on LX164 on slink


I installed slink on an Alpha machine (LX164), and have notice some
problems on it.
It seems many "unaligned traps" (eg. in xloadimage) and many other
places. Many programs (Ansi C, Perl, Fortran) I use on PC does compile
ok in Debian-Alpha, but when run, the program does not behave as
expected or even crash with "unaligned trap"'s.
(some of these program even compile on solaris (Ultra), free-BSD,
etc..., so I think it's not a problem of the software.
Using g77 part of a program works ok, using f2c, others do ;-)

g77 0.5.24-19980804

(Heard about a buggy g77 version. Is that true? May be this one?)

Any ideas?

On the other hand, kernel 2.2.x hangs the machine on reboot, 2.0.x does

Any ideas (again :-) ?


Jose Rodriguez          jrguez@inm.es
Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia          SPAIN

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