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Re: data corruption with Tekram controller

> On Nov 09, William Brioschi scrawled :

> - Alphastation 255/300 (avanti), with on-board Symbios 810a.
good to see another one of these around.  I have an AS255/233 ;)
I have snipped out most of your email and replied to all of it here:.

I am only using the built in ncr-810a on the mobo.  I can't comment on the
Tekram..... Theyre may be a bug in the kernel driver>  Can anyone else comment
on this??

SRM-6.xxxx  update it!  There are a couple of bugs with the older versions.  I
can't remember what they were, but they did have PCI stuff in them, so that
*may* be what's affecting you.  This may also be what's giving you those nice
messages with the pci_parity option.

ALso note, that the BIOS on the Tekram card will *never* ever be run by the
SRM console.  AFAIK, this is only a requirement for PooE-Cee motherboards
which have dumb BIOSes as opposed to the nice interactive features of SRM,
Alphabios and the SPARC OpenPROM.

> Substantial differences are: the on-board BIOS is NOT run on the Alpha
> machine; the PCI parity setting is not available for configuration (and,
> in fact, I don't know it).
which PCI parity option are you talking about here?  In the kernel source?

> My hypotheses are:
> - some sort of initialization is performed by the controller BIOS but not
> by the Linux driver

Just out of interest, how far through the boot/install process are you?
Just checking for any possible problems with you config/system.

good luck,
Jean-Paul Blaquiere
   	gotta www.wibble.org again

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