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Re: Debian error: INIT: respawning too fast

On 30-Nov-99 David Hocking wrote:
> I logged in as single user and ran the following:
>     getty 38400 tty8
> Immediately it returned with the words "Alarm clock" on a new line. And
> that's it. When i press ALT-F8 there is a blank screen with a cursor in the
> top right corner.
> I'm not sure what "Alarm clock" means. There might have been a line that
> referred to a clock (and maybe an error) in the boot procedure. I'll check
> this when i get a chance.
> Any ideas ??
> Regards,
> Dave.

I experienced this exact same problem on my Multia. If your situation is
anything like mine: Try running the date command a few times -- the clock is all
over the place. The problem is that the potato libc doesn't seem to like 2.0.x
kernels. So -- download the source to a 2.2.x kernel, configure, compile, use.
Should fix this problem.

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