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Re: TGA card and X woes

capo@writeme.com said:

> I have one of these beasts; I have not tried, but since NT sees it as a
> CL5424 capable of 800x600 at 16 colors, maybe it'll work the same with
> XFree. It's VERY slow this way, however: it reminds of my 1991 Trident
> ISA card :)

That's the VGA core it's seeing. You need the "Graphics Support Services
for Windows NT" or something like that, I have a copy for NT 3.51, don't
know if it'll work :-)

Looking at the ffb code Compaq has recently donated to XFree86, if we can
get it to work, we should have a lightning fast driver for TGA/TGA2, which
will make a bunch of people happy, however until then, you're out of luck.

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