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Need feedback for console-data debconf stuff


As you may have noticed, I have setup keymap selection for the alpha
by making the "alpha" arch an alias to the "i386" arch.

This may or may not be accurate.  I'd like opinions on this.

Robson Francisco de Souza writes:
 > On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, Yann Dirson wrote:
 > > Robson Francisco de Souza writes:
 > >  > I can plug any national keyboard for an x86 PC.
 > > Great !  Then I'll turn "alpha" to be an alias to "i386".
 > 	Ooops... I'm not sure that will work for any alpha :(. I'm sure it
 > works with my model which is called AlphaPC and built by second parties
 > (SWT), not Compaq/Digital. Hope it doesn't mess things up for those
 > Compaq/Digital made workstations... specially the old ones.

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