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Re: alpha boot-floppies

No comments on the generic versus subarchitecture images from me -- I
don't understand how alpha works with all that.  I expect you need
different kernels/modules for different subarchitectures.  Maybe this
isn't true in 2.2 anymore ... ?

>> >@@ -320,7 +321,9 @@
>> > 			root.tar.gz
>> > else
>> > ifeq ($(architecture), alpha)
>> >-	$(MAKE) $(alpha_rescue_targets) $(alpha_drivers_targets) root1440.bin
>> >+#	$(MAKE) $(alpha_rescue_targets) $(alpha_drivers_targets) root1440.bin
>> >+	$(MAKE) $(alpha_rescue_targets) $(alpha_drivers_targets)
>> >+#  we can not make root1444.bin for now, because of too large root.bin.
>> > else
>> > 	echo unsupported architecture: $(architecture); false
>> > endif
>> We need to solve this problem, not hack-around it in the top level
>> makefile.
>But we can test root.bin not with FD but with CD-ROM for alpha.
>I think we had better to go commenting out 'root1440.bin' for now,
>and when root.bin comes under 1.44M, we add root144.bin again.
>This way is more efficient than we wait for root.bin to come
>under 1.44M, because someone(including me) can start to test
>the correctness of root.bin of alpha just now.

Look, if you can't make root.bin at size 1.44 mb, make it at size 2.88
mb.  Make it even bigger .. whatever... 

Without root.bin, you can't make a proper rescue.bin -- without
rescue.bin, I don't know that we can say anything is building at all.
You can't just disable it entirely.

>I am happy if acceptable part of my patch is applied.

Sure -- let's rework the rest and get that in too.  

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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