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Strange problems with clock

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I started having strange problems with the Linux system clock (i.e.
the one the date command returns) on my Multia. It returns totally random
values, always in the range of January 1970, but all other values random.
Strangely enough, the BIOS hardware clock is perfectly intact, as hwclock
returns sane (correct) values.

Even if I try to put a value into the system clock (with date --set="foo" or
hwclock --hctosys), the random values are still returned. This is evidenced in
other programs (apt for example thinks I'm downloading at 0B/s) and getty
refuses to work, with the returned message "Alarm clock". I'm not sure what
that message is supposed to mean.

The system is a Multia (aka UDB) 166mhz with 64mb RAM. This problem has only
occured in the past day and a half. I cannot really think of anything that
would cause this to happen. The current kernel is the one included on the Debian
resc1440.bin for the noname alpha architecture (2.0.36, and the one on the
harddrive matches the one on the bootdisk, byte-for-byte, and this problem did
not occur before on the same kernel). However, I still am going to try
compiling a new kernel, just to see if it will work.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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