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Re: reading D-Unix filesystems in Linux

first of all, thanks a lot for all the people who replied.

if anyone would be interested in knowing about my experience with this,
here's an account of my successes and failures.

the machine had two disks in the same support frame. i didn't bother
untightening screws, so i just took the whole frame off the machine
with both disks.

I connected the disk to the scsi bus and booted, but the kernel didn't
recognize the disklabel (it said something like "unknown partition
table"). naturally i didn't believe the kernel boot messages and I tried
with fdisk to see the disk partitions (people in despair tend to suffer
these kind of fantasies a lot) with no success. I spent some time thinking
whether I had forgot anything, I even recompiled the kernel again (I thought
I might had forgot to do "make dep", who knows?...)

I finally considered myself defeated but, just for the fun of it,
decided to try to use the other disk. guess what, the kernel liked that
one. it reported the partitions on boot, fdisk had no problems in
reading the disklabel and printing the partitions on the screen and
the final test of mounting the filesystem (with the option ufstype=old)
worked too. I could now list any directory inside it, view any file
everything was fine. unfortunately that's not the disk I was interested
in (cf. Murphy's law).

any hints on why one of the disklabels is read fine and the other is not?
could it be a disk size problem (the disk that is not mountable is 9GB
while the other is 4GB)?

anyway, I finally solved my problem in a more obvious way (but not so
challenging :-). I took the graphics card from the linux box and
put it on the other machine. X failed with this new card, but that's ok
I only wanted to be able to use the disk. of course I could have thought
of this before, but the idea of being able to use a DU filesystem in
Linux was so appealing!

sorry for such lengthy and boring story.

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