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Re: TGA card and X woes

> On Nov 21, Martin Lucina scrawled :

> That's the VGA core it's seeing. You need the "Graphics Support Services
> for Windows NT" or something like that, I have a copy for NT 3.51, don't
> know if it'll work :-)
it doesn't unfortunetly.  I discovered this the hard way when trying to
install nt4.0 with the 3.51 drivers.  system hang at video mode detection,
which after 30 mins of installing is not funny.
There are updated drivers on the dec site somewhere. ...

> Looking at the ffb code Compaq has recently donated to XFree86, if we can
> get it to work, we should have a lightning fast driver for TGA/TGA2, which
> will make a bunch of people happy, however until then, you're out of luck.
damnit.  I gave mine away a while ago ........  oh well. the matrox is doing
quite nicely thouhg :)

till next uptime
Jean-Paul Blaquiere
   	gotta www.wibble.org again

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