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Re: FW: Which nic module for Dec AlphaServer 1000 nic?

On Sun, Nov 21, 1999 at 10:01:29AM -0800, simonst@WellsFargo.COM wrote:

> You're right: the AlphaServer 1000/4 does have a Dec card - /proc/pci shows 
> 	"Ethernet controller: DEC Unknown device (revision 35)"
> I couldn't find tulip.o or de4x5.o on the Debian 2.1 Alpha cd (or on my hard
> drive). Where do these modules reside?  Can I get download them from

AFAIK, the de4x5 driver is compiled in the stock kernel from Debian,
and so you'll not find (nor need) a module for it. Provided it recognizes
your card/chip, which is not highly probable, given that "Unknown device".

Ciao, William

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