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Re: NS/potato

Dave Wiard (dave@lister.acm.wwu.edu) wrote:

> I just installed NS4.7 under potato.  I've got the problem of start NS
> once and it works fine, start it up a second time and it halts before I
> can do anything.  Removing the ~/.netscape lets met start it up
> again, but we all know what's in that dir.  What's wrong with this
> picture?

Consider this an "AOL!" :)

I had the same problem with potato after upgrading from slink. This and
the fact that apt nor dselect would upgrade X, and I had a broken X, I
went back to slink..

This was on my AS200 4/233 with the Tru64 UNIX  4.0d libs, NS 4.7.

Anyone know what the deal is?


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