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Re: Linux 2.2.14pre9 (fwd)

On Fri, 26 Nov 1999 Jay.Estabrook@compaq.com wrote:

> Jay didn't do anything with the FP emulation. I believe Richard Henderson
> put in some patches in pre9, on top of a lot of common patches supplied by
> the SPARC folks in pre7 and pre8.
> And it certainly didn't solve everything, as there's still trouble running
> the Alpha version of CivCTP... :-\

I'll fix up the code luke and I did to use the method that Richard wanted 
- for the instruction emulation. Is this what you are talking about?
I'm running CivCTP on my 21164a fine with the patches. It is a bit slow on
a multia but still usable. Shame that loki havent recompiled it yet.


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