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Re: alpha boot-floppies

Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes:

> >But we can test root.bin not with FD but with CD-ROM for alpha.
> >I think we had better to go commenting out 'root1440.bin' for now,
> >and when root.bin comes under 1.44M, we add root144.bin again.

CD´s might be a bit expensive, but a partition works fine as well.

> >This way is more efficient than we wait for root.bin to come
> >under 1.44M, because someone(including me) can start to test
> >the correctness of root.bin of alpha just now.
> Look, if you can't make root.bin at size 1.44 mb, make it at size 2.88
> mb.  Make it even bigger .. whatever... 
> Without root.bin, you can't make a proper rescue.bin -- without
> rescue.bin, I don't know that we can say anything is building at all.
> You can't just disable it entirely.

On alpha rescue.bin doesn´t contain root.bin, but a 0 byte file. They
should not depend on each other.


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