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Potato Freeze Strategy

Here are some things to keep in mind:

 * **NOW** we need people to work on the failed
   packages list at
   If you find a problem that is a bug upstream, first check to see
   if it is already reported.  If it is, and 7 days have elapsed,
   source NMU it.  Otherwise, report a bug with severity important or
   higher and binary NMU for alpha if desired.

 * Also keep an eye on the other pages at www.complete.org/~buildd

 * The autobuilder will not track the frozen dist.  It could, but I
   think it is unwise to do so.  We should keep
   the frozen dist up-to-date manually to ensure proper testing.
   Paul, can your list be
   modified to track frozen while we work on that?

-- John

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Developer, Debian GNU/Linux (Free powerful OS upgrade)       www.debian.org |
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