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a slight departure from the scene

Unfortunately, one of the users was using my AS255 earlier this week and it
died a horrible death on him.  Entire file ssytem corruption :(
He was creating a CD image, ... machine died, he couldn't bring it back up.
Aboot boots, but can't get access to the /etc/aboot.conf file.
I booted off the install floppies, and tried fscking the drives ..... 15 mins
later after a fsck -y /dev/sdb4 ..... a desire to go home and continue
studying for my exams was decided.
My thoughts were the large file creation that was killing the 2.2.6 - 2.2.10
(IIRC) kernels, but it ws running 2.2.5 which I presumed was free of this
Unfortunately, I will not be able tosee what happened with the apt, ld.so
problem reported last week, as a full reinstall looks likely.

back soon,
Jean-Paul Blaquiere
   	gotta www.wibble.org again

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