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I compiled XEmacs with ccc

Just in case someone else is interested in this:
I just managed to compile XEmacs21-nomule with ccc on my Slink system.
I just edited the PackagesMakefile after unpacking the package, so
that ccc got used. The only file that has to be compiled with gcc is
src/unexalpha.c (I did that manually from a second xterm while
dpkg-buildpackage was running) and also the [ec]tags.c files have to
be compiled with -O1 or -O0.
The resulting binary is amazingly snappy comparing to the
XEmacs-20-mule binary that comes with slink (entering a group in Gnus
is about 4 times faster on my SX164).

kind Regards,
Eberhard Burr    check http://www.uni-karlsruhe.de/~Eberhard.Burr/publickey.asc
                 for PGP Key -- #include <stddisc.h> -- electric cookie follows
That's what she said.

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