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3c595 and eepro on Slink on PC164

So I just got my new PC164 board all installed and put a eepro board in
PCI slot 2 (64-bit) and a 3c595 in PCI slot 4 (32-bit) with a G200 in Slot
1 (64-bit) and a Tekram 390F in slot 3 (32-bit).

The problem is that the 3c595 driver doesn't seem to work on my system. I
installed the base system off of floppies but now I need ethernet to suck
with the rest of it via apt-get. And the disks don't have an eepro driver.
If someone could be so kind as to point me to a pre-built module for the
eepro under kernel 2.0.36 (or a monolithic kernel with eepro support in
it) for the PC164 I would be most appreciative.

The problem with the 595 is that I can load the module successfully,
ifconfig the interface, even add routes... but it won't transmit or
receive traffic. My Cisco 675 router shows the card flooding the network
quickly with little bits of traffic. This, I can assume, is bad. For some
reason, both the 10 and 100 mbit lights come on.

The eepro's leds come on just fine, but alas, the driver disk has no
modules for it. And I can't build one, since I have no compiler. And I
can't get a compiler until I get ethernet... Sigh.

Thanks in advance,

Christopher Kyin-hwa Chen <cchen@reed.edu>
"Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana."

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