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Re: [non-i386 people needed] Proposed packages for 2.1r4

On Fri 26 Nov 1999, Vincent Renardias wrote:
> Still missing (sorry, I had some updates to the list): 
> >From ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/slink-proposed-updates
>  [*] bind_8.2.2p5-0slink1.1
>    - security fix
>    [MISSING: sparc, m68k, alpha]
>  [*] nfs-server_2.2beta37-1slink.1
>    - fix buffer overflow.
>    [MISSING: alpha]

OK, I'll do these Monday.

> -- from ~vincent/2.1r4 on master:
>  [*] kernel-source-2.0.38_2.0.38-0_i386
>    - misc important fixes
>    [MISSING: m68k, sparc, alpha]

Hmm, difficult I think; on alpha each subarchitecture needs its own
kernel image, at least with 2.0 kernels (2.2 kernels have a "generic"
type for alpha finally).  I expect most people build their own kernels
anyway... And many have already a 2.2 kernel (I did, even in slink
times). Maybe a generic 2.2 kernel image for alpha? I think the
importance of the "misc important fixes" should be looked at, possibly
this is more trouble than it's worth...

I've cc'ed the debian-alpha list about this, maybe others have their
opinions on this?

Paul Slootman
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