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Re: Potato Freeze Strategy

On 5 Nov 1999, John Goerzen wrote:

>  * **NOW** we need people to work on the failed
>    packages list at
>    http://www.complete.org/~buildd/unstable-stats/failed.html
>    If you find a problem that is a bug upstream, first check to see
>    if it is already reported.  If it is, and 7 days have elapsed,
>    source NMU it.  Otherwise, report a bug with severity important or
>    higher and binary NMU for alpha if desired.

Already in progress.  I started down the list the other day and have a few
patches to submit to the BTS.  In general, though, I'm going to keep my
mind on binutils, gcc, and glibc since I'm anticipating some problems
there (like tracking down that stupid C++ unaligned trap).

>  * The autobuilder will not track the frozen dist.  It could, but I
>    think it is unwise to do so.  We should keep
>    the frozen dist up-to-date manually to ensure proper testing.

Sounds like a good plan :-)

Even with the freeze now rescheduled, it probably would be a good idea to
do the above anyway (at least when it comes to working on the stuff in the
failed build logs).


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