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SRM-MILO problem on PWS500a

Hello everyone,

I've got a Digital Personal Workstation 500a (NOT au)
originally outfitted with Windows NT and have recently
installed Debian 2.1r0 on it.  It is equipped with the
following stock hardware (relevence noted later):

-Q-Logic ISP1040 SCSI controller
-Sony 12x SCSI CD-ROM

I'm currently using the AlphaBIOS console (v5.67) to
bootstrap MILO (the genie.ucd.ie version, 4-27-99)and
subsequently boot Linux.

However, I'd like to switch to the SRM console (6.9-7)
to boot MILO...

I've tried booting from the floppy using both the
2.0.x MILOs from gatekeeper (milo.dd) and the 4-99 and
10-99 MILOs from genie.ucd.ie (using srmbootfat to
prepare the FAT floppies).

With the gatekeeper MILOs, 'boot dva0' hangs after the
'jumping to bootstrap' message.

With the genie.ucd.ie MILOs, 'boot dva0' successfully
bootstraps MILO; however, in the verbose mode, both
the boot command (boot sda2:vmlinuz root=/dev/sda2)
and the show (devices) command fail after detecting
the hard drive (and failing to detect the CD-ROM).

In fact, the SCSI HD LED remains lit and the message
'setting up devices....' (with many lines of periods);
MILO never boots the Linux kernel.

I've searched the archive for info on the SRM console
and the Personal Workstation (Miata) and haven't found
anything similar to my situation...

Is it even possible to use the SRM console from a
PWS500a (not au)?  The Miata docs mention that this
isn't possible, but why is the SRM console included? 
And if it is possible, how is it done (that is, any
environmental variables, etc. I'm missing?);-)

Many thanks in advance,


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