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Which nic module for Dec AlphaServer 1000 nic?

My Debian 2.1 installation on a Dec AlphaServer 1000/4 did not complete the
module installation, but I can boot the system anyway.  I'm updating
/etc/modules, but am not sure which NIC module to enter.  

I know the Alpha doesn't have a 3c5xxx nic card, but I'm not sure which
module it needs - tulip.o?
On my Debian PC, I see a /lib/modules/2.0.34/net/tulip.o, but I can't find
it on the Alpha /lib/modules/2.0.36/net directory  (I do see several 3c5*.o
modules).  I also couldn't find tulip.o on the Debian 2.1 Alpha cd.

Is tulip.o the correct module for the Dec AlphaServer 1000/4?
If so, where/how can I get it?

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