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Re: Strange problems with clock

On 03-Nov-99 Paul Slootman wrote:
> I had this too, after upgrading to potato while running a 2.0 kernel.
> For some reason the libc (I guess) in potato won't interact with 2.0
> kernels...
> You don't mention having upgraded anything; did you?

Nothing hardware-wise has changed since I first started using the machine. Only
a slink->potato upgrade (which isn't hardware ;-).

> Somehow I think you won't be able to compile a new kernel, as make
> depends quite heavily on the time growing steadily, instead of jumping
> around :-(  I was lucky then, as I still had an old backup root
> partition which I could boot to build a 2.2 kernel on.

Well, if the files are nonexistent, it should build them. It's chewing on a
make -j 2 of 2.2.13 right now.

Hopefully this will fix things.

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