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Re: SRM-MILO problem on PWS500a (THANKS!)

To messrs. Slootman & Rose:

Thanks very much for your replies - I was afraid that
my situation was either unique or indicative of broken
hardware (my PWS500a is definitely out of warranty ;-)

> > (using AlphaBIOS to boot MILO...)
> I use the same on the same computer and setup.  If
> it ain't broke ... MILO
> booting is a fragile affair.
> > However, I'd like to switch to the SRM console
> (6.9-7)
> > to boot MILO...

Per Paul Slootman's suggestions, I'm going to try
SRM+aboot - if this still doesn't work, I'll be
resigned to using AlphaBIOS/MILO :/

/dev/sda1 is a 16MB FAT partition with
MILO/linload.exe at the moment... I intend to
resize/restore this slice and offset the beginning of
/dev/sda1 so swriteboot can write to the beginning of
the unallocated space.  I'll still have the FAT
partition for AlphaBIOS/MILO 'just in case'.

> The SRM delivered with the 500a is severely crippled
> to prevent you from
> booting an illegally copied version of digital unix
> (or whatever it is
> called these days) on it.  

This is very strange indeed; my SRM console bears the
'Digital Personal Workstation 500au' after the

Since there's a v7.0 SRM at Compaq's site, I may try
upgrading before attempting to use aboot.  Does anyone
have any feedback whether this will do a full SRM
upgrade on the 'a-series'?

Thanks again,


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