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Re: scsi bus reset during fixating with cdrecord

On Wed 03 Nov 1999, Matthias Halfmann wrote:
> Hello, I am running kernel 2.2.13 with a fireport 40, and a ricoh 7040s
> cd burner. Its in a sx164 533 alpha. I am trying to get this machine to
> burn cds. I have everything working so that I have an iso image of the
> data I want to burn, and I have cdrecord configured. When I start the
> burn everything starts out fine, I can write the whole image to the cd
> but during the fixating stage I always get this message:

I don't think this is alpha-specific; I've not had any problems burning
cds on my XLT (symbios 810 and a Yamaha 4260). Perhaps some form of
cabling problem? Maybe the command takes too long for the particular
scsi driver?  It would be interesting whether e.g. a tape retension
works without problems (if you have a scsi tape).

It could of course be an alpha-specific bug in the fireport 40 driver
(although I believe that's just another symbios chip? Mentioning the
kernel driver used is often more useful than the brand name of the

Paul Slootman
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