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alpha boot-floppies


I am trying to compile boot-floppies with alpha.
I did quick-hack and modifiied boot-floppies to finish building
in case of 'generic' sub-architecture.

In that work, I have faced two problems:

  (a) root.bin is too large to fit in 1.44FD. (about 1.6Mbytes)
        possily because of very large size of libc and binaries.
        In particular, we might have to reduce the libc.

  (b) aboot does not work well.
        In aboot prompt, I typed 'linux' but aboot said
        'linux: file not found'.

Though I have plenty of experience with i386 system, I am new to alpha.
I don't know there is already reduced version of libc, or my usage of 
aboot is incorrect. 

For (b), I tried to use aboot as possible as simple.
Using new floppy, I just did 'e2writeboot /dev/fd0 /boot/bootlx',
mounted it and copied kernel in name of 'linux', but aboot cound not find kernel too.
(Actually aboot was loaded, but aboot seemed to fail to find kernel)

Any suggestion is welcom.

I do not have CVS write access to the boot-floppies tree.
If there is any way to apply for Debian developer, I would like to know.

Thanks in advance.

Tadayoshi Ohkuma / tad@omoikane.co.jp
Omoikane Inc. / http://www.omoikane.co.jp

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